Light On The Mountain is committed to providing a retreat and sanctuary for struggling children where they can feel loved and safe.  Our goal is to affect children’s lives in a positive, meaningful and enduring way by giving them an opportunity to explore nature and to increase their sense of connectedness with the world around them.

Our camps encompass personal growth, educational, and recreational activities designed to enhance the children’s awareness and sensitivity to themselves and others.  The three primary strategies for supporting children are outlined below.




Self Exploration and Healing

The children will be involved in various activities designed to help them connect to their inner wisdom, become tuned in to their feelings and emotions, and those of other children. Activities include the labyrinth walk, group discussion of issues they are facing, and exploration of their feelings through music and art.


Our educational activities include Story Telling & Musical Exercise, Photography, Reading, Natural Environment and Attitudinal Healing Workshops. These activities are tailored to be age specific and focus on developing the child’s self esteem, confidence, teamwork and cooperation, an appreciation for nature, self knowledge and a healthy mind and body.


The children who come to camp enjoy pickleball, tennis, hiking, volleyball or ping pong. These activities are structured to teach cooperation, self awareness and connecting with others as well as the benefits of physical activity.

Our primary focus is serving children ages 7 to 13.  We are dedicated to influencing the lives of children in all of Western North Carolina in a positive manner.  We value, respect and serve all children, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Our approach is to contact as many social service agencies, both private and public representing struggling children, for example, North Carolina Kids, Department of Social Services, foster care agencies, as well as churches and community based organizations dealing with families in need.