Jacklyn Hunt


Jacklyn has been involved with children all her life; starting with babysitting and later teaching developmentally disabled children as her first career profession.   Later she served as an assistant teacher in a Montessori school, an educational, social services and nutritional coordinator for Head Start, and then became a case manager for the developmentally disabled population.  She has also served as an Early Childhood Specialist for a program entitled Child's Garden in the western counties of North Carolina.  Volunteer work included Sunday School teacher for children.All of these roles afforded her the opportunity to interact with children and help them cope with the challenging issues in their lives. However, she felt there was always a component that needed to be added; providing a means for children to access their inner strength and assist them in developing their spiritual awareness. Jacklyn has developed some spiritual guided imagery exercises designed for children, to help children to become calm and focused enough to access their inner wisdom.  Then they can acquire answers to their own questions, find solutions that will work for them in their particular situations, and remember the strength of their inner spiritual Self.  She plans to produce a CD of these guided imagery exercises.